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A New Era in Sailing Winch Handles

Dax One Touch has changed the game.

The One Touch sailing winch handle is the first design that allows you to use only one hand to set or release the handle from the winch. Our unique quick-release bar, which runs the length of the handle arm, allows you to grab anywhere on the arm to release or set the locking mechanism.

If you’ve ever come close to stumbling overboard while trying to unlock an old square plate winch with two hands, then you already understand the advantage of the Dax One Touch. You can operate this sailboat winch and have a free hand available to steady yourself on the boat.

Also, unlike the exposed—and damage prone--square plate locking design, our locking pins retract fully into the handle and are protected from damage. There is nothing to wear out or compromise operation.

Dax One Touch Sailing Winches are:
  • Safe and fast
  • Built for strength
  • Guaranteed for life

Gear up with the best locking winch handle on the market. The Dax One Touch delivers superior safety and speed that will have you wondering how you ever managed without it.